Voicisity Cloud Difference

Voicisity Cloud Difference

The Voicisity CloudPBX offers true cloud computing, taking advantage of advanced server clustering, multi-site failover, and distributed processing.

How does that differ from other providers?

Many other providers simply provide a single virtual server to each client – and most install with “Free” open source software which they do not manage. This provides you with no greater reliability than a purchased phone system. And if you want to take advantage of an upgrade? Then you have to apply the upgrade yourself and you will lose what little support you may have with their service. And if you have a problem? Their answer is to simply reinstall the free software and let you rebuild your configuration.

The Voicisity Difference

The Voicisity CloudPBX is designed from the ground-up to use multiple servers, to separate functions and services into grouped server clusters, and to offer backup operations at multiple sites to maximize availability and continuity of operations. What does that mean to you? It’s there when you need it and it just works!