Enterprise Voicemail

Bet you didn’t realize you could do
all this with voicemail?

Look Bigger with Multiple Greetings

Of course we have your standard “away” and “busy” personal greetings, but Voicisity also recognizes that in small companies you often wear many hats. Therefore, Voicisity allows you to override your personal greeting with special system greetings. For instance, you have an auto attendant menu which offers callers the option to “Press 1 for sales, or press 2 for support”. Both options ring the same phone and other companies would then play your personal greeting. Voicisity allows the hunt group to then play a system greeting such as “You have reached the sales department … please leave a message” while the caller’s recorded message still goes into your voicemail box. This makes a small company look much larger while ensuring you still get all the messages and are able to manage your messages intelligently.

Full Personal Menu

You can easily set up a full personal menu on your voicemail box. While your greeting is playing you can give callers options such as “Press 1 for my assistant”, “press 2 to try ringing my mobile phone”, “press 3 for sales”, etc. And you can take advantage of all the numbers 0 through 9!

Extend your voicemail capability with a full caller options menu
Integrate your voicemail with your email

Truly Integrated Voicemail and Email

You can set up an email account on your computer, tablet and/or smart phone to manage your voicemail. When you listen to a voicemail on any device, it will become “read” on your phone as well and the message light will go out as well! No more returning to your office with the message light blinking and wondering if that is a new message or one you already listened to? And delete a message from any device or your phone and it will vanish from all other connected devices. Now you can manage your messages once and only once. Work smarter, not harder!

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